Pantera Playsuit, Playing in Rome

My Love and I hoped on a plane to Rome one morning, without the slightest clue of  what to expect. This was my second time in Roma, yet a completely new experience for me. Since the temperature reached an all time high the days we were there,I didn't have much room for accessorizing. So, instead I wore a simple animal print playsuit, which is now my favourite and lightest piece in my closet, and my small black and brown basket purse.


Trójmiasto in Green Shorts

All summer I have been looking for blazers, but I could not just buy any blazer that fell into my hands, it had to be just right. I finally stumbled upon this beautiful raspberry pink blazer in Stradivarius which I automatically knew I had to have. Also, following the rules of the summer, regarding the fact that bright colours are a MUST, I saw these green shorts at Mango, and knew they would be my charm for the summer. Finally, to keep things classy, I accessorized with two simple necklaces, a thin belt, and my Chanel purse.

One of my favorite places to visit in Poland is the Trójmiasto, which is made up of the three cities: Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia, I adore this side of Poland for too many reasons to list on one page. 


Ciao Bergamo

On a stroll through the beautiful city of Bergamo, in my favourite navy blue shorts!! In my opinion, these shorts are so delicate that I decided that only a simple white shirt is necessary to be paired with them. My shoes I am wearing not to much for the look but for the comfort, I most likely would choose a different pair if this day did not involve so much walking. Finally, my basket purse, I just can't get enough of it!