Pastel Pants and Kitten Flats

Sweater - Zara

Pants and Necklace - H&M

Flats - Urban Outfitters


My Black Milk Legs are the Life of the Party

It's been (and still is) a long winter, and I know we've all had more than enough of the snow, and can’t wait for Spring! Unfortunately, from the looks of it outside of my window, it may still take a while for Spring to arrive. In the meantime, I finally found some time for a photo shoot for my blog. Wearing, the one and only Black Milk leggings, not even the weather could ruin my mood. I decided to style the leggings with simple pieces, to make sure that they were the main point of focus in this set; no accessories, hair pulled back, and delicate makeup. Full attention on the boss legs!