If You Could Only be Quicker, You'd be Quick to be Kind

Absolutely my favourite yellow knit of all time. It's a brilliant New York City H&M find (but it can definitely be found on any H&M store). This look is a little bit of a mix and match, something along the lines of " I want to be classy, but I can't let go of my jeans and retro inspired shoes". Mixing prints and styles is what this season is all about anyways, so take advantage of it while you can! xo


Far from all the hysteria I don't care if we suddenly find ourselves in Siberia

Autumn in Canada is beautiful. The leaves turn red, orange, yellow, and everything in between, and due to the large amount of forests around here, that is basically all you see for miles and miles, colour! On the weather side of things, it has its ups and downs, but when its warm, its warm enough for a dress! 

As for the style, chic casual ready to wear autumn collection from my summer closet. Pair a flowy summery dress with a thin knit sweater, and  you've got yourself an ideal set!


You Hit Me Like the Sky Fell on Me and I Decided You Look Well on Me.

I'm Glad You Came... into my life 
Introducing to you all, my handsome man. For those of you who don't know him, know that he is a very stylish guy. I only help him out sometimes with his outfits with accessories and such, other than that, it's all him. 

Look, but don't touch.