La Dame En Bleu

Two of my favourite colours to colour block are raspberry and royal blue. I think they both have a specific feel and tone individually, and once mixed, they create an delicate and classy combination. Also, this song basically puts forth the mood that this outfit had on me when I wore it. No words, just mysterious, yet comforting silence.


Denim this, Denim that.

It hit me yesterday, that I have been wearing denim pieces everyday for the last little while. Whether its a jean shirt, a jean jacket, or even just jeans or shorts, I have had some sort of denim on me  each day. Honestly, my favourite denim piece is a jean shirt. I feel there are so many ways you can wear it that the possibilities are endless, and that's what I like to call a classic piece.  Since the weather has gotten nicer I have been able to bring out my second favourite denim piece, this denim jacket. It's actually the ideal piece of clothing, I could wear it all of the time, and truly enough, I do :)

Moccasins - River Island 

Purse - Atmosphere


Something New

We decided to try something a little different this time. Since we had so many pictures from this shoot, we decided to make a short video. Hopefully this turns out well, and is something we are able to do again.


Knotted and High Waisted

Pastels and delicate colours, are ususally not something I opt for, simply because I feel no energy with them. This time around, I decided to add a heavy denim shirt, and my ray-ban glasses, and somehow it all came together. It definitely is one of the most comfortable outfits I've worn mostly because I adore the tied up shirt and high waisted pants. Oh, and of course the shoes!


Baseball Jackets

One of my favourite pieces which I have been waiting to wear (because of the weather) has to be this baseball style jacket. Now, I wear it with everything. So, get ready to see lots of it during this season!


Wolfgang Gartner - Forever

This weather has been very undecisive lately, one day its sunny and warm and the next its cloudy and windy. It's a good thing that exam week is coming up and classes are over this friday; it gives me something to complain about rather this miserable weather. Anyways, the look for today is a little bit rocker-ish, with a twist here and there of chic

Jacket - Bershka

Blouse - Vintage Market in London UK

Skirt - H&M

Glasses - Ray-Ban

Shoes - Atmosphere


When I wake up, the dream comes true!

Here they are!!!!! The final shots from the photoshoot I did a couple of days ago! 
(Behind the scenes shots can be found on previous posts.)

Garments designed and made by the Fanshawe Fashion School students .

Photography by: Ariana Pinder
Make-Up by: Joshua R. Waller


Lo-Fi-Fnk - Boom (Weekend Wolves Remix)

Jacket and Sweater - Bershka

Pants - H&M

Boots - New Look