Playing Tourist: Nassau, Bahamas

Sending you all love from the beautiful Islands of the Bahamas! We have visited these islands a few times already, and have really grown to like them! As for our outfits, light and breezy, because you can only think you know what "humidity" feels like, before stepping out in this area of the world! All on a positive note nonetheless, Bahamas, it's always a pleasure.


Maxi Days

Watch - Michael Kors

Skirt and Scarf - H&M

Sweater Top - Stradivarius

Bag and Shoes - Zara


Classy Girls Always Win

Shoes - Zara
Purse and Watch - Michael Kors
Pants and Top - H&M
Sunglasses - Ray Ban


Playing Tourist: San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Traveling is definitely one of my favorite activities, and so I try to travel as much as possible. My most recent traveling adventure took me to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Let me tell you, I was not expecting what I saw! I fell in love with the city at first sight; the architecture, the scenery, everything was absolutely breathtaking! I will definitely return to San Juan in the future, and I highly recommend visiting it!

Top- Talula
Shorts - Atmosphere
Flats - Zara
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Purse - H&M


Lost and Found

This outfit is definitely Rihanna inspired. Even though it seems like many people are showing off this style these days, I think it truly belongs to Rihanna. Though I find this set very comfortable, I would not call it my “everyday style”.  Nonetheless,  I love it!