I Follow Rivers

I decided to take my lovely Jeffrey Campbells out for a stroll in the park, in the pretty sunshine... I guess I missed the fact that the lovely sunshine was not strong enough to dry out all of the mud... Lucky me though, my darling boyfriend carried me and my JC's across the mud ! 


Helena Beat

Where is the winter this year? I am not complaining though, I'm not too fond of the snow, ever. I'm enjoying this "spring-like" weather. Thanks mother nature!

On a more important note, I am presenting to you my JEFFREY CAMPBELLS for the first time! These little works of wonder are perfect! So comfortable, so stylish, and so ME :) I will love them forever!

To add to the greatness,  I'll just continue taking in the beautiful sun, and enjoying Foster the People


Happy New Year!

Happy New Years my dear friends and bloggers! What a crazy, yet amazing year 2011 was, but I'm sure we are all super excited for 2012 to finally be here. I myself have many many plans for this year... some things are coming to an end, and new doors are opening, and I couldn't be more excited. 

Love, Joy, and Health in the New Year, and lets make it a memorable one, once again!!!