Sha-sha-shout to all my lost boys

This entire winter the weather has been incredible. I only recall freezing my toes off once. This weekend the weather hit us with a real surprise though, it was sunny with not a single cloud in the sky, zero wind, and the thermometer never hit a minus!

Since I'm in such a great mood today, I have two songs for you today. The original song for today's post is by grouplove called slow, many of you may recognize it from this past weeks episode of Gossip Girl, but in my books, grouplove has been around a little longer than that. The second song of this post is by the one and only Skrillex called Bangarang; give them both a listen by following the youtube links provided below :)

Grouplove - Slow
Skrillex - Bangarang

shorts, sweater, scarf - H&M

headband - ASOS

mittens -  vintage

boots - steve madden


This is What Makes Us Girls

This is what makes us girls! Lita's, white blouse, skin tight leggings, glitter clutch, ray ban sunglasses, and red lipstick. No better combination! Must have pieces in every girls closet!