Autumn Feeling

I'm feeling more than ready for autumn with these colours; dark golden yellow, and dark peach mixed with light burgundy, make for an ideal outfit for school. My shoes on the other hand, not so much an ideal piece for class seeing their height, but quite the comfortable piece. Slow and steady, I'm ready for autumn to greet us.


Can't go wrong with orange shorts!

Summer is all about getting out of the city, and enjoying the fresh air, spending time with friends and family, and relaxing. So, that is exactly what I did! My outfit for an occasion such as this, simple and comfortable. If you notice, zero accessories, simple threaded top, which is completely vintage, and orange shorts because you cannot go wrong with orange shorts this summer.


"If you're a strong female, you don't need permission"

Sometimes its about piecing together all the wrong pieces, and sometimes looking like you pulled an outfit together in five seconds, puts you a little on the edge, on the edge of a greater feeling than accomplishment. Because, we don't always have to follow the rules, and sometimes all we need a second NOT to think.


Double the belt, and put on a lizard ring!

Indian summer is upon us, and it feels as though it is really kicking in this year. Its incredibly hot and humid, and no matter who you are, if you are outside, you will be sticky and sweaty. But nothing is impossible and fashionable we must remain, therefore I present to you my humid days relaxed outfit! 

Shirt- ASOS

Shorts - Dollhouse

Shoes - Bershka

Ring and belts - Primark

Bracelets - Aldo


Are you ticking on the line like a time bomb?

Presenting You with my new purple blazer, from Stradivarius, which a matched together with floral print shorts, white River Island moccasins and my new white Prada bag. This look is both chic and comfortable, can't go wrong with any of these pieces.