Sunny Days in Miami

Miami has been my "third" home, right after Canada and Europe, for some time now. Everything about this city is perfect, and I can never get enough! If you've never been, I defintely suggest you consider it!


Jungle Vibes pt.2

Blazer - Stradivarius

Jeans - Zara

Shoes - DeeZee

Handbag - Michael Kors


Jungle Vibes pt.1

Before I cut my hair, before I bought a car, before I engaged myself in a full time work load, and before many other recent changes, I promised myself that I would update my blog regularly.

 These photos were taken before my life threw me into third gear, and even though they are a bit delayed, I still feel they are appropriate for my blog. This dress I bought in London last summer, really, only because it was on sale for £2, and the print looked summery and fun. Now that I look at it, it really was a smart impulse buy, as the dress is now one of my favorites, and ideal for the summer months.

Another important aspect to notice in these photos is my hair, and it’s length. Though I have days where I miss my long hair, I never miss it enough to say, “I want it back”. I am perfectly content with the medium-short length of my hair currently, and I sometimes wonder why I did not decide to cut it sooner

Shoes - BCBG

Dress and Purse - Primark


Festival Season

Life has taken me on quite the adventure recently, and it doesn't look like it wants to let me off. No complaints though, because even with a full time work load, I find myself waking up with a smile each and every day. Many aspects of my life are changing, many new challenges are presented, and overall, a new chapter is beginning; and I could not be more excited about all of this! No worries though, I am not saying good-bye to World Haus Fashion!

Shorts - Vintage Wrangler
Top - Top Secret
Bag - Michael Kors
Sandals - CCC
Bracelets - Gucci and Swarowski