My Style Definition

When someone asks me what my signature style is, I really cannot respond with a specific answer. I enjoy styles that are comfortable, feminine, and chic, but also find myself experimenting with different looks. It is important for me to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, and I use that as my “style definition”. Today’s post shows a style I have not yet displayed on the blog, but have taken a liking to. I’m not sure if I could wear a cap as an everyday item, but the rest of the outfit is truly in my comfort and style zone.

Pants - H&M

Top - River Island

Jean Shirt - River Island


Bring out the Colours!

One of the most exciting things about the Spring season, is the amount of colour that we are able to bring back into our wardrobe; although wearing colours in the winter can be fun too, pastels and bright shades are most effective once spring comes around.  One of the pieces I have been waiting to wear is this floral jacket I bought at Zara last Spring. The thin and light material makes it so easy to wear, and the assortment of colour allows me to mix and match it with different clothes and colours. Truly a gem, but what else would you expect from Zara?

Floral Jacket - Zara

Beanie - River Island

Pants - H&M