Getting Cozy with Blackmilk

I recently became a very lucky girl (not that I wasn't lucky before, because I definitely do feel blessed in many ways), because I finally recieved my very first pair or BLACKMILK leggings! and WOW, let me tell you, they're even better than they say! They are just perfect; so comfortable, so beautiful, so WOW! I've worn them quite a few times now, but have never had a chance to take some pictures with them until now. After an early morning class (and the last class of the semester;YES), we decided to snap a few shots. So here I am in my cozy red knit sweater, warm UGG boots, and even cozier and warmer aviator jacket, and of course, my Napoleon Blackmilk leggings!

Knit - Tommy Hilfiger

Leggings - Blackmilk

Boots - UGG

Bag - Zara