Woman in Red

Ever since I recieved my very first pair of Black Milk leggings, I have been falling in love with every single pair, and have been obsessing with the company. Absolutely eveything they create is pure genius, I can't help myself. I bought these beauties a little while ago, and really have been wearing them regularly (I especially enjoy wearing them to school; not a single person walks by without looking at my legs then at me then back at my legs, and too many people attempt at grabbing my leg and lifting it to read the comic. The joys of confidence! 

These Litas, I bought a while ago as well, and they are my babies. They stand tall on my shelving unit, in between all of my beautiful shoes. I can truly say they are a charm in my closet (but really, what isn't a charm in my closet... ). 

Also, on a small side note, this photo was posted and shared by Black Milk Clothing on their facebook page and twitter, and we recieved a few comments such as "How is she walking in those shoes on ice?" Well darlings, I definitely did not walk in them... I slid. We took these photos, and I changed my shoes. As much as I want to wear them all of the time, some moments are better than others. My photography is also a type of art and design; not all sets are "street style" looks, worn specifically in the environment in which they are photgraphed in. My photgrapher and I like to coordinate outfits with scenery to tell a story, or to simply put two opposites together in hopes of a unique photo.

Leggings - Black Milk Clothing

Boots - Lita Spike

Coat - Esprit